Metal Garden Gates

Metal Garden GatesDon’t be fooled by false promises or false advertising when choosing your metal garden gates.

Most fabricated metal gates won’t last a life time, and won’t get more attractive with age.

And real wrought iron gates tend to be prohibitively priced, while what masquerades as wrought iron gates on the market tends to be mild steel re-manufactured, which also won’t last a lifetime.

But cast iron gates gates will last a lifetime, and being hugely resistant to corrosion, will still look great decades from now.

But who wants¬† metal garden gates that last a lifetime but aren’t an attractive addition to the home?

Heritage’s garden gates are not only long-lasting but are a hugely attractive addition to any home


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Why Heritage Garden Gates Makes Sense

Metal Garden GatesModelled on original and beautiful 19th century designs, our garden gates have lovingly resurrected traditional foundry techniques.

This means garden gates as eye-catching as they are long-lasting.

But while our approach to craftsmanship is thoroughly old-fashioned; our approach to pricing is thoroughly modern.

The long-term ownership costs of cast iron gates work out considerably cheaper than inferior fabricated metal garden gates.

This is because cast iron is a hugely durable material, highly resistant to corrosion, but capable of being crafted into ornate objects of beauty.

As well as the fabulous garden gates in our collection, we can also consider bespoke applications on request.

Make the right choice for your garden gates and choose Heritage’s cast iron gates over other metal garden gates.

Feel free to contact us to view our collections or receive more information. CAD drawing are also available on request.


Call today on 0845 054 5070 or send us an email, and we will promptly deal with all your enquiries

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