Metal Garden Gates Huddersfield

Why Choose Cast Iron Gates in Huddersfield?


Metal Garden Gates HuddersfieldThe measure of metal garden gates in Huddersfield is their durability, ability to withstand the elements, and maintain an attractive appearance.

Cast irons wins on all fronts for Huddersfield homes. Other metal gates can’t compete, and are less resistant to corrosion, leading to a less attractive garden gate than initially purchased, which becomes more of an eyesore than a welcome addition to your Huddersfield home.

And, what’s advertised as wrought iron gates in Huddersfield for the garden tend not to be real wrought iron – which is hugely expensive – but manufactured mild steel, which won’t last a lifetime, but will high maintenance.


Our metal garden gates available to Huddersfield customers are faithful reproductions of fabulous 19th century designs,and have been lovingly created using traditional foundry techniques. This makes them essential for anyone in Huddersfield who wants to make a statement about their own appreciation about the finer things in life with their garden gates.


Our gates are suitable for Huddersfield gardens of any kinds, however large or small and regardless of where you are located.


When you choose our Huddersfield garden gates, you are doing your bit for the environment by opting for a long-lasting material – cast iron – that will save unnecessary carbon emissions from the constant manufacturing of inferior metal products.


Make the right choice for metal garden gates in Huddersfield and choose Heritage Cast Iron.

The benefits for Huddersfield home owners of choosing cast iron garden gates over other metal gates are obvious:

  • Long-lasting: Cast iron gates will last a lifetime and will never need replacing at your Huddersfield premises, while other metal garden gates will need replacing continually.
  • Cheaper long-term: Despite initial outlay, the long term ownership costs of cast iron gates in Huddersfield work out cheaper than fabricated metal garden gates.
  • Craftsmanship: Anyone with an eye for detail will be delighted by Heritage’s ornate garden gates, which are modelled on original 19th century design which will make an eye-catching addition to every Huddersfield home.

You can choose garden gates from our collections for your Huddersfield premises or specify bespoke requirements which we’ll endeavour to meet.

Whatever your metal gate requirements in Huddersfield, call Heritage on 0845 054 5070 or send an email, and we will provide you with a no obligations quote.


Contact us to arrange a viewing if you wish to see for yourself the quality of our garden gates for Huddersfield homes.. For project enquiries and pricing, please call 0845 054 5070 or email

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