Iron Railings

There are iron railings and there are iron railings.

"Iron Railings"On the one hand, the iron railings you see most days in most towns made of fabricated metals or mild steel, made ugly by the elements, and most times proving nothing more than an eyesore on the environment.

On the other,  high quality, decorative iron railings made of cast iron, built to last and capable of being moulded into arresting, decorative designs. These are the iron railings you find from former centuries when it was a symbol of civic pride to have high quality railings adorn public and private premises.

Heritage are masters of iron railings that matter.

The sort that make bold, imposing statements of beauty and craft in both private homes and public buildings.

After painstaking research, they resurrected the craftsmanship and foundry techniques perfected in the Victorian era, and offer iron railings modelled on original 19th century designs.

You can browse their collections to see some of the sumptuous railings available to all manner of public and private premises. And, should you want something a bit more bespoke, they are capable of interpreting your own requests too.   

Their hugely affecting Stewart Collection of iron railings, for example, can be found at public parks or small private premises, illustrating the versatility of their railings. 

Whatever your iron railings requirements, you can email or phone us and receive a free quotation based on your project enquiry.

Despite our emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, you’ll find our approach to pricing thoroughly modern

Heritage iron railings are ideal as imposing, decorative additions to homes, be they enclosing gardens or spaces to the rear or front of buildings, but are equally effective when used for urban renewal projects, industrial and commercial premises, museums and universities, government buildings, churches and cemeteries, and many other variants of street furnishings.

Why Choose Iron Railings Made From Cast Iron

"Iron Railings"Cast iron is a hugely durable, recyclable material that is highly resistant to corrosion. Fabricated and other iron and metal railings compare miserably in comparison and also prove a false economy by being unable to match the long term ownership costs of cast iron. 

Wrought iron railings, for example, are usually made of mild steel many times over and not real wrought iron and subsequently have a paltry life expectancy compared to cast iron railings.

Such railings really will last you a lifetime, and thus also are more environmentally friendly, eschewing the need for constant re manufacture and replacing along with associated carbon emissions.

Don’t accept cheap imitations, instead choose real iron railings made from cast iron and replicated exactly on 19th century designs.

For project enquiries and pricing on iron railings, please call 0845 054 5070 or email

CAD drawings are also available on request.

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