Cast Iron Lasts A Lifetime

Cast Iron is the most durable material for Gates and Railing, outlasting comparable Wrought Iron products many times over. Wrought Iron gates and railings are generally manufactured using lower quality metals and their durability is poor. Frequently the owner of an inferior Wrought Iron gate or railing will have problems in the first few years of ownership. Cast Iron is a 100 year plus material and if that is in doubt just look around your town or city where you will still see many examples of Victorian cast iron installations.

We offer a 25 Year Conditional Guarantee with all of the Heritage Cast Iron range.

Buying the Right Cast Iron Product for You

Whilst the perception is that Cast Iron is expensive, our range of Heritage Cast Iron gates and railings are competitively priced when compared to the Wrought Iron alternatives.

Many “iron” gate and railing manufacturers offer products made from “Wrought Iron” but in fact are offering only modern mild steel. True wrought iron is very expensive and very rare! Mild steel as a material has a more limited lifespan than wrought iron or cast iron and requires considerably more maintenance and repainting.

Cast Iron is Built to Last For Life

You will find many “mild steel” products that are embellished by the addition of cast iron “spearheads” or “fleur de lys” railing finials to make them look more like the original Victorian cast iron railings and gates. Why buy imitation products when you can have the authentically produced and longer lasting product made using original 19th century pattern designs?

Each of the Cast Iron Collections from Heritage include designs of cast iron driveway gates, pedestrian gates, iron gate posts, cast iron railing panels and railing posts.

To fully appreciate the quality of Heritage cast iron gates and cast iron railings, please contact us to arrange a viewing.

For project enquiries and pricing, please call 0845 054 5070 or email

In situ, Heritage Cast Iron Gates and Cast Iron Railings looks stunning. See our Image Gallery for images of each design in our range of Cast Iron Gates and Cast Iron Railings.

CAD drawings are available. Please phone or email with your requirements.

The Heritage Cast Iron Collections

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